Workhorses Of Industry: This Marketing Movie Shows Why Jeeps Were Many Versatile Trucks Ever Made

Workhorses Of Business: This Promotional Film Shows Why Jeeps Had Been Probably The Most Versatile Trucks Ever Made

Workhorses Of Business: This Promotional Film Shows Why Jeeps Were Probably The Most Versatile Trucks Available

Inside realm of old marketing videos, this one from Willys-Overland that shows every one of the incredible things that Jeeps were used for in their heyday ranks one of the coolest that people have actually ever seen. Although it begins with a quick sales page as to the reasons the latest “universal” Jeep is better and more powerful than the ones that have come before it, the movie then shows the “new” Jeep pickup, Willys section wagon, and Willys panel vehicle some 4×4 plus some 4×2. From then on is when the good stuff begins. You’ll see Jeeps with trenching devices hanging from the back, Jeeps towing airplanes, Jeeps with PTO driven welders and chainsaws, etc. These were literally Swiss Army Knives on wheels and there was clearly a whole industry developed around making attachments and implements for them. Yes, the Germans have actually their Unimogs and they’re neat, however the Jeep’s compact size and pluggy small four banger motor allowed it to be used for jobs that a Unimog could never even think about doing.

The area utilizing the “gas section owner” discussing plowing, towing, and pressing automobiles with it is great and the whole movie type of remaining united states aided by the question of, “Why did they stop making these once more?” Honestly, watch this film and consider it. Yes, the tiny Jeep is quaint by today’s standards but in every one of the jobs you’ll notice it do, what do we have today that does them that better and more effortlessly than a Jeep was effective at doing them? Material may be more complicated and comfortable for the motorist but that doesn’t really imply that its any better in a practical sense.

This is a super great video clip, especially if you love old Jeeps up to we do!


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