In Which had been ‘Rust Creek’ Filmed? Within the Kentucky Stores

Netflix has dropped an exciting crime drama, Rust Creek, which has one major message: never take a road journey alone. That’s the mistake Sawyer (Hermione Corfield) makes as she treks through Appalachia, totally alone as well as in awful risk. While rich cold temperatures forestry may appear like a great scenic drive, it’s not very pleasant whenever you’ve surely got to constantly watch your back.

Rust Creek is based on an original story by Stu Pollard, following Sawyer, a committed college student on the run from two murderous brothers. She sets completely alone your day before Thanksgiving, driving through mountains simply by herself. However when she catches Hollister (Micah Hauptman) and Buck (Daniel R. Hill) addressing up a murder, the street trip can become a thrilling chase.

Whilst initial story is based on a treacherous drive through snowy Maryland, where had been Rust Creek actually filmed? Here’s everything you need to understand the shooting places for the Netflix thriller:

Where ended up being Rust Creek filmed? Is Rust Creek a real place?

Before Sawyer will be taking off, the orifice moments of Rust Creek are filmed in Louisville, KY. The movie doesn’t venture far from Louisville however, while it may seem like Sawyer is kilometers far from her residence. The rest of Rust Creek is shot in and around the rural places that edge Louisville, like Fern Creek and Iroquois Park.

Although the original tale was according to a drive that occurred in Maryland, Rust Creek is wholly occur Kentucky. The main chase in the film occurs in the Appalachian forest. If you’re trying to go to the titular town of Rust Creek, you’re out of fortune — it is imaginary.

Can there be a Rust Creek truck?

Indeed, and you may watch it right here!

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