QUESTIONS! Alan White, lacking Dallas account government

Alan White, 55, was missing considering that the early morning of Oct. 22.

The scenario is bizarre. Anything doesn’t accumulate. Basically had been assigned for this instance, they are the concerns I’d be asking:

  1. Alan along with his partner Rusty Jenkins have an attractive home. Could be the house designed with video security cameras?

  2. When did Rusty Jenkins return residence from gymnasium regarding morning of Oct. 22?

  3. Whenever did Rusty Jenkins leave the gym on the early morning of Oct. 22?

  4. Rusty Jenkins says he called a few hospitals around 7AM in search of Alan regarding the early morning of Oct. 22, while operating around selecting Alan. Just how many among these telephone calls have now been confirmed?

  5. Which cellular towers show pings from Rusty Jenkins’ and Alan White’s cellular phones regarding the early morning of Oct. 22?

  6. Exactly what apps did Alan have installed on their iPhone?

  7. How many other figures show text and contact sign activity with Alan White’s cellphone when you look at the a day prior to the amount of time in that he went missing?

For those who have any info on the questions above, please share.

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