What’s a solved situation whoever result or quality is much more sinister/not everything expected that it is?

I didn’t abide by it because happened but we listened to the Casefile event and it is not at all something i would’ve imagined ahead of time. The Rachel Barber instance.

Rachel ended up being a 15 yr old Australian which moved lacking 1 day. It later on proved she had been murdered by the woman former neighbour and babysitter Carol Reed Robertson. They hadn’t held in contact since Carol moved away and through the sound of it Rachel probably scarcely ever seriously considered Carol. Carol however had been entirely enthusiastic about Rachel, not in a romantic means however in an envious method. Carol was teased in school, she hated herself and felt she was unsightly while she felt Rachel had the most wonderful life and ended up being breathtaking, Carol essentially wanted to be her.

Eventually Carol got in touch with Rachel. She offered her cash to indulge in a research study and somehow convinced the woman section of it absolutely was Rachel cannot inform any person about this, she consented. Carol after that killed this lady after that she in the pipeline to believe Rachel’s identification. It’s baffling to even believe just what she would definitely do, she would begin residing under Rachel’s name and I also never even understand exactly what else. I suggest playing the Casefile episode for further information on that as i have not heard it since it premiered and I also’ve forgot some details. LE reached her first and she ultimately served 16 years having already been introduced in 2015.

Simply the indisputable fact that there was an extremely volatile individual seeing and obsessing over Rachel in another way to a normal stalker case is nuts and terrifying, specially since it was somebody who Rachel liked and felt comfortable with.

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