Whatever occurred to Maygen Fieramusca?

Does anybody else remember the Heidi Broussard disappearance? The main one in which a young mommy in Texas and her baby daughter moved missing? And every person thought her fiance achieved it and folks had been openly contrasting him to Chris Watts? But then it ended up that she’d already been kidnapped and killed by the woman closest friend just who she’d met at Bible Camp twenty years earlier? Understand that instance? I remember that case.

Does anybody understand what wound up taking place? I can’t get a hold of any current information about what’s going on with this instance. Whenever is Maygen expected to continue trial? Is she gonna trial or pleading accountable? The scenario had been extremely much talked about when it had been happening then again it is like it fell from the world. I’d at least want to know when the woman test is scheduled for.

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