We’re going to experiment with a new rule on the sub for link / image posts.

I accidentally had link posts turned off. Sorry about that. Anyway…

r/TrueCrime is growing quite large. Around 1000 users subscribe each day. We are projected to hit half a million members on March 24th.

Every media company from Lionsgate, to HBO, to HLN, to Netflix have approached us in one way or another to post about their content on the sub. I expect that to continue as each service looks to capitalize from the ongoing trend of the popularity of true crime. Even though the Elisa Lam doc was highly criticized, it was being talked about on every sub in multiple posts. Other, lower profile accounts are seeking the same thing in different ways.

Over the last year we have gradually tried to shape the sub into one featuring higher quality content. Previously the sub was littered with youtube links and other link posts that were very poorly upvoted with little to no commenting.

We’ve had a few events where we’ve only allowed text posts and we plan to do more of that. it’s not that we don’t like link or image posts. We want the sub to be able to have a vibrant mix of all of those things.

What sets reddit apart from other sites, it’s main asset, is its comment sections. So we’re going to try something to try and boost comment sections on link and image posts starting today.

Starting today, all link /image posts will require the submitter to post a submission statement comment of at least 100 characters within one hour of posting or the post will be removed by a bot.

The intention is not to punish users. It’s to increase engagement with the sub plus it can be very effective against karma farmers, reposters and link spammers.

The sub is getting a lot of attention from all kinds of entities seeking to leverage your attention for views, or upvotes, or whatever. As the sub continues to grow it will become more of a target for karma farmers who do nothing but submit tons of links to a sub but rarely comment. The point is to increase commenting and engagement

The way this will work is you’ll be sent a notification from automoderator explaining that you have one hour to post a comment. If you don’t, a bot will remove it.

As always please be sure to report spam, low effort content, abusive, or harassing content, or racism using reddit’s report system as we have other methods in place for moderating highly reported items. Thanks and happy posting.

Edit: I am also going to remove the sansa-bot and importantreplies from the sub so it will no longer sticky a comment as it had been doing. This was a very dirty solution and I apologize for the bot spam. This will be, in effect, replacing that.

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