we’re members of the Trans Doe Task energy. We study situations of unidentified decedents who may have been transgender or gender-variant, and strive to buy them identified with Forensic Genetic Genealogy. Ask united states any such thing!

The Trans Doe Task Force is made to research cool situations when the subject may have been transgender or gender-variant. TDTF additionally recommends and educates the public, news, and police concerning the requirements of and sensitive differences when considering Trans Doe cases also Doe situations. The TDTF additionally reaches out to help law enforcement departments, health examiners, and forensic anthropologists with getting their particular cases posted for forensic genealogy.

Check us out: http://www.transdoetaskforce.org

In addition see: http://lammp.transdoetaskforce.org

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At 12 PM Eastern, I will be here to resolve the questions you have. The subject could be the Trans Doe Task power additionally the Trans day’s Remembrance, but any queries about our work (Forensic Genetic Genealogy, Anthropology, advocacy, education an such like) tend to be welcome. We shall answer questions throughout the day before our livestream TDOR vigil, which is held on our FB web page.

u/ALRedgrave – i’m Anthony (he/him), and I are a co-founder of the Trans Doe Task power, Lead Forensic Genetic Genealogist for Redgrave analysis Forensic Services, and head teacher regarding the FG4LE Forensic Genealogy Training for police force system. I’ve trained police professionals in five continents in the using forensic genetic genealogy. Im also a doctoral pupil in Educational Leadership. Im transgender and intersex. Ask me any such thing.

Proof: http://transdoetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/reddit_anthony-scaled.jpg

u/LeeBRedgrave – i’m Lee (they/them), and I am a co-founder for the Trans Doe Task Force, Lead Forensic Genetic Genealogist for Redgrave analysis Forensic Services, and FG4LE instructor. I’m an adoptee whom solved my very own genealogy mysteries and moved on to solving mysteries for other adoptees. We have helped to close more than two dozen cold instances since 2018. I will be also a nonbinary moms and dad. Ask me personally any such thing.

Proof: http://transdoetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/reddit_lee-scaled.jpg

u/ARMichael82 – i’m Amy (she/her), and I have a PhD in Anthropology and have labored on over 40 forensic situations with police force all over nation. I am a professor within University of New Hampshire in which I train programs in forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, cool cases, man osteology, and basic biological anthropology. Im also a consultant when it comes to Trans Doe Task Force and Redgrave Research Forensic providers. Ask me personally anything.

Proof: http://transdoetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/reddit_amy.jpg

u/-KaylaraOwl – My name is Jessi (she/her), and I are a volunteer with the Trans Doe Task Force, admin for LAMMP (LGBT+ Accountability for Missing and Murdered Persons database), administrator for Trans Cold matters, FG4LE student, and I also have always been a recommend when it comes to missing and unidentified. Ask myself any such thing.

Proof: http://transdoetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/reddit_kaylara-scaled.jpg

Change: I will be answering concerns through the day as they also come in. We will be hosting a TDOR vigil for the unnamed dead this evening via Twitter Live so during that time we are unavailable, but we will go back to answer questions after ward. We are going to upgrade to announce whenever we are getting prepared to start the vigil if any person wants to go to.

Update 2: The vigil may be hosted via Twitter Live at 9:30 PM Eastern. You will see a static link of the slip deck for people to follow along with along or if perhaps they do not would you like to watch. The movie will archive also. Follow Trans Doe Task power on Twitter to look at the livestream.

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