Upgrading headlamps for better throw-on 2016 Maruti Ciaz

I possess a 2016 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz plus the headlamp light’s focus is very reduced, and also the throw is just several metres, rendering it tough to drive the vehicle through the night. I do want to change the headlight to 1 who has a brighter light plus a longer toss. Altering the existing light bulb to a high-capacity light bulb will not repair the problem, since it is only going to increase the brightness although not the place.

Drupad Bhatt, Bengaluru

You could opt for high-low ray projector fog lights for your automobile, that’ll solve the problem by offering a sharper beam focus and longer light place during night drives.

Projector fog lamps from IPH or XP Micro inside standard 3.0-inch size would be a direct easily fit into the Ciaz’s stock fog lamp housing. The projectors can be paired with HID bulbs, preferably of 4,300 Kelvin or 5,000 Kelvin heat specification for ideal visibility.

The entire setup and set up should cost between Rs 5,000-7,000 in addition to projectors also support large- and low-beam functions, that can easily be directly toggled from the main headlamp stalk of vehicle.

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