Tony Bramall to leave Lookers board at year-end

Motor retail veteran Tony Bramall will leave the Lookers board at the end with this year.

Bramall, a non-executive director, became an important investor in Lookers during 2006 as he then blocked a takeover bid by Pendragon, the then biggest dealer group in the united kingdom which had just days earlier acquired Reg Vardy.

At that time, as he regarded the £55.7m investment in a 24.4% stake of Lookers as “a very good investment for the family members in a well-run group in which there is significant chance of growth”, Bramall straight away claimed: “demonstrably i am going to not be accepting the present Pendragon offer.”

Two years formerly Bramall had offered his own £1.8 billion turnover dealer team, CD Bramall, to Pendragon for £230m once the latter’s chief executive Trevor Finn continued an agenda for development by purchase, but Bramall quickly returned toward industry with long-time colleague Peter Jones to form Audi retail team Bramall & Jones, which was later purchased 5 years later on by JCT600.

Jones later on also joined up with the Lookers board, becoming its leader from 2009 to 2014.

Bramall was in fact anticipated to carry on until Lookers next AGM in 2021 until today’s announcement.

In today’s statement from Lookers, its president Phil White said: “Tony is a legendary figure and an actual character of the motor industry.

“he’s got been a stalwart member of the Lookers board for the past 14 years.

“i’d like to thank him, both actually and on behalf associated with the board, for the huge share he’s made to the team during their time with Lookers.”

In June, Lookers announced that White and chief executive Mark Raban would shake up its board of directors in the search for brand new abilities and experience to guide it through its next stage of development.

It sought to displace four non-executive directors by mid-2021 and announced a search had begun for a non-executive president and two new non-executive directors.

Chaos for Lookers which started in 2019 following the discovery of monetary irregularities has continued through 2020, and AM100 dealer team has suspended trading in its shares but still has not produced its full year makes up 2019.

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