The highway of tears

For years the highway of tears in Canada continues to take more and more female lives, primarily indigenous women. I feel this case isn’t being discussed as much as possible and maybe internet sleuths could help bring a light and more clues to these cases?

Personally I feel with law enforcements disinterest to help investigate these cases and cases like Chantel Moore (an indigenous woman shot 5 times by police after someone asked for a wellness check on her) maybe the local police should be looked at in another light?

If you aren’t familiar with the highway of tears please watch this video. This has been going on for so long and I cannot imagine how these families feel when this issue should be setting off major alarm bells to canada and the world. Is this a single serial killer , multiple killers or opportunistic predators that know if they abduct and murder someone in that area no one will care. This has been going on for over 20 years Why is this still happening and why are law enforcement uninterested in helping or even speaking about it?

I would love to see people like Stephanie Harlowe and other major true crime people bring this case more into the eye of true crime followers. The internet has managed to close cold cases, maybe with more eyes some of these families can finally have closure.

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