television news reporter robbed of digicam at gunpoint in bay area

a television news reporter completed up being robbed of the digicam at gunpoint while doing interviews about car break-ins in bay area, authorities stated.

KPIX reporter Don Ford reported he’d experienced the idea of meeting residents Wednesday for an answer to some thefts around Twin Peaks whenever four dudes pulled up in an extra which white.

“The vehicle arrived up right here although we’d been going to do a meeting, three dudes jumped away,” Ford told the news headlines spot. “One had a gun and place in my face and stated, ‘We’re using the camera which digital’”

Ford reported he according to staying calm regardless of product inclined to him.

“My Whole thought as of this right time are ‘Be relaxed. Let’s not know this person excited. He’s got the weapon. We don’t. Which means you take you the digital camera. It’s yours, buddy,’” he reported.

The assailants fled utilizing the camera which digital even though the unit — which had a monitoring chip — was at reality restored afterwards Wednesday, cops said.

No Arrests have been established in link with the theft.

KPIX 5 reporter Don Ford, investigating a genuine range automobile break-ins around Twin Peaks in bay area, were robbed of the digital camera at gunpoint.


City Supervisor Rafael Mandelman called the big event “ridiculous and ”( that is unacceptableWe should adequately site fundamental safety which public, follow better ways of end perform offenders making clear that bay area bay area is not someplace that one may commit crimes and place people’s life at a better risk with impunity,” he composed on Twitter.(*)

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