Sydney Loofe, murdered and dismembered by “Vampire” sex cult

Sydney Loofe, a 24-year-old woman, had been reported lacking on Nov. 16, 2017. During the time, she ended up being living in Antelope County, NE together parents. Her last contact had happened a single day prior, whenever she’d messaged the woman mommy to tell her that she was going out on a romantic date with another woman she’d came across on line. When Sydney didn’t arrive at work the very next day, the woman family members straight away became concerned that she might’ve already been kidnapped.

The woman last cellphone ping took place Wilber, Nebraska so that location ended up being utilized as a kick off point for research. Police were additionally nervous to find the lady whom Loofe was indeed online dating, as she ended up being probably the final person to see Loofe before the woman disappearance. Loofe’s buddies told all of them that Loofe was out using the woman at least one time prior to, and Loofe was happy that she’d be going out with the woman again. However, no person understood anything in regards to the girl except that she’d called herself Audrey.

Brooklyn McCrystal, certainly one of Loofe’s buddies, decided to try to find “Audrey” herself. She developed a fake Tinder profile, and set it up to use settings exactly the same as those that Sydney have been utilizing when she’d already been matched with Audrey. Like this, she ended up being in the course of time able to find Audrey’s profile. She after that communicated with Audrey until she surely could persuade Audrey they should change phone numbers, so that they could put up a date for themselves.

But when Audrey revealed the woman phone number, McCrystal handed the information and knowledge to authorities. Authorities could actually utilize the contact number to deduce Audrey’s true identification. It turned out, Audrey was a 23-year-old girl called Bailey Boswell. On Nov. 28, Bailey Boswell was known one interesting in Sydney Loofe’s disappearance, along with her boyfriend Aubrey Trail.

Boswell and Trail taken care of immediately the statement by fleeing from Nebraska. Along the way, they produced a bizarre Facebook Live movie wherein they accuse the police of framing them and profess their purity. Into the movie, Boswell promises having fallen Sydney off at a friend’s household after their particular date, stating that it had gone really and they’d smoked a lot of cannabis collectively. She further accused the news of dispersing lies about her.

At the same time, the FBI were utilizing Boswell’s cellphone information to generate a listing of possible places where she could have concealed your body. The list ended up being ranked from “most probable” to “least likely.” Police force after that started initially to systematically search through areas considered “most likely” with cadaver dogs. On Dec 4. 2017, your body of Sydney Loofe was discovered in Clay County, Nebraska. Loofe have been dismembered and cut into 14 split pieces. Boswell and Trail were charged with 1st-degree murder.

r/TrueCrime - Sydney Loofe, murdered and dismembered by "Vampire" sex cult

Bailey Boswell

After being arrested, Trail stated that he’d unintentionally killed Loofe in a sex act gone wrong, and that Bailey Boswell had not been involved. During 2nd week of his test, he in fact stood up and screamed “Bailey is innocent and I curse you-all!” before slashing his very own throat several times. Their attempt to eliminate himself ended up being unsuccessful, in which he had been kept restrained from that time onward.

Ashley Hills, among Trail’s previous girlfriends, testified that she’d lived with Trail and Boswell for a time. She said that Trail maintained the thing that was essentially a sex cult of mentally unstable females around him, which she ended up being one of several. Aubrey called all of them “The Witches” and Boswell had been referred to as Queen Witch. Aubrey and Boswell routinely and casually discussed murder, torture, together with occult.

Ashley stated that Aubrey had when ordered her to kill another Witch (Anastasia Golyakova) because Golyakova “wasn’t wicked enough” to be area of the group. Aubrey told her that when she committed the murder, she’d gain magical powers, but that she’d gain more powerful magic if she tortured the victim for 2-3 hours before killing the girl. Ashley stated that she’d decided to invest in the murder, but she’d never ever really gone through along with it. Golyakova, an immigrant from Russia, additionally testified by herself during trial. After under 4 hours of deliberation, the jury found Aubrey Trail accountable of 1st-degree murder.

The test of Bailey Boswell began on Sept. 25, 2019. Unlike Trail, Boswell never tried to believe Sydney’s death was indeed a major accident. As an alternative, they argued that Trail had coerced Boswell into getting involved in the murder, hence she had been certainly one of Trail’s sufferers. The prosecution argued that Boswell had willfully and deliberately lured Sydney into a predicament where she’d be tortured to death, hence Boswell was just like culpable the murder as Aubrey Trail.

Golyakova and Ashley Hills had been again brought in to testify, this time against Boswell as opposed to Aubrey Trail. They testified that although Trail was in fact the undisputed frontrunner of the team, Boswell was indeed his ready enforcer; another Witches had been expected to show Boswell full and complete obedience. She had been harsh and intimately sadistic, and she’d when joyfully expressed a desire to eliminate someone by pouring acid in it. After less than 4 hours of deliberation, the jury found Baily Boswell accountable of 1st-degree murder.

Since 1/9/2021, neither Boswell nor Trail have been officially sentenced however. But under Nebraska law, the only real feasible effects for a 1st-degree murder conviction are life in jail or even the demise punishment. If Boswell does end up getting the demise punishment, she will function as the very first and just lady in reputation for Nebraska for a death sentence considering that the state was started in 1867.

r/TrueCrime - Sydney Loofe, murdered and dismembered by "Vampire" sex cult

Sydney Loofe

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