Swiss Fleets Show Fascination With EVs Despite Marketplace Downturn

 - Graphic: Dataforce

Graphic: Dataforce

True fleet registrations for Switzerland in October are down 18.2%, but this has not stopped fleet’s continued desire for purchasing electric vehicles, Dataforce stated.

The trend toward electrification of business fleets features proceeded unabatedly, according to Dataforce. Registrations of these vehicles do have more than doubled when compared to same month this past year (up 131.6%). The most popular designs in October were the Renault Zoe, the Volkswagen ID.3, and also the Hyundai Kona.

Despite a complete poor market environment, Renault, Dacia, and Nissan could increase their fleet registrations, year-over-year. At model level, the Skoda Octavia (down 44.5%) yet again recorded the greatest number of fleet registrations, accompanied by the Renault Megane and the BMW 3 show.

Meanwhile, the Swiss traveler vehicle market experienced another powerful setback at the beginning of the fourth quarter. This October, just under 20,800 passenger vehicles had been registered, resulting in the marketplace to slump by another 20.2per cent compared to the previous 12 months.

Light Commercial marketplace Overview

The Swiss market for light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons additionally fell somewhat in October (down 11.4per cent), with organization registrations for the segment in real fleet market down by 14.6percent.within car section, Volkswagen not only succeeded in delivering many vehicles to corporate fleets, additionally in increasing registrations by 25.9percent set alongside the exact same month last year, according to Dataforce.

Probably the most subscribed light commercial fleet models in October were the Volkswagen Caddy (up 41.3%), the Volkswagen Transporter (up 13.9percent), and also the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (down 0.6percent).

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