Should rape carry the same prison sentence as murder?

I’m going to say yes. especially serial rapists or just repeat offender absolutely no question. this is an INCREDIBLE violation on an individual and depending on their circumstance it can affect the people surrounding them as well (partners, family, friends etc.). any physical attack on another person is unacceptable and i think rape laws needs to change. because of how i was made to feel based upon the circumstances and by my attacker i didn’t report my violation and then the statute of limitations ran out. i have no idea if this guy has attacked other women or of it was a one time thing or whatever. what i do know is his name, where he used to live and i still get physically sick when I’m in that part of town and slightly scared i might run into him, so frankly i do my best to avoid certain areas. it’s not the biggest city even though it’s growing but there are certain things a person who had been violated in that way, will never forget.

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