Shocking film programs muggers beating up guy in broad daylight Bronx robbery

Disturbing fresh on the web video clip released by authorities programs several muggers beating up a person in broad daylight on a Bronx road — as people walk by and do nothing to assist the target.

The 61-year-old man have been on White Plains course near East 226th Street in Wakefield before 2 p.m. Monday, whenever their attackers approached him towards the pavement, before another kicked him in the head, film released later on Tuesday shows as he place two bags down on a lawn, authorities reported.

One of many men pushed him. Initial then rifled through their pouches.

Both males socked the potential in face, the clip shows, before the removal of with $817.

bronx robbery
The prospective have been taken up to Montefiore infirmary, in which he previously been addressed for vexation and cuts regarding the lip and mind.
The robbers was captured on surveillance digicam footage during and after the attack.


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