SEAT Launches Mobility Providers Solution for Fleet Management


SEAT has created its first multimodal transportation platform as a service solution that will enable fleet operators to manage vehicle fleets digitally.

The platform can be acquired to organizations and providers of sharing services that are interested in the solution, which will be suitable for almost any public or private shared service, whether it’s a vehicle, motorbike, bicycle or kickscooter. CHAIR created this service through its SEAT:CODE development center, in accordance with the Spanish automaker.

The working platform offers a sophisticated geolocation system that permits real time monitoring of all automobiles attached to it and on the spot analysis of vehicle parking areas or management of individual payments, among various other functions, CHAIR launched. In addition it provides an operator readily available user interface that allows them to generate and modify dashboards, and monitor data in real time, evaluate user behavior, through IoT technology.

“This system shows that we are no further simply a vehicle producer, but also a transportation solutions provider. SEAT happens to be capable offer pc software and therefore’s a good additional value when it comes to company,” stated Carsten Isensee, SEAT vice-president for finance also it.

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