Evaluation: Honda H’ness CB350 analysis, test ride

Just what a year it has already been, no? 2020 has had about so many unforeseen occasions which you’d rather anticipate some thing at your personal peril. Use the situation of this brand new Honda H’ness CB350, by way of example. Who would’ve believed that the Japanese monster would try to accept the may well of Royal Enfield, in a segment it established and has dominated for eons? Does the H’ness CB350 have actually what must be done to appeal to the enthusiastic and emotionally fueled customer in this part?

(But, before we get further, we would like to point out your explanation we’re late with this particular review is basically because Honda India appears to have ended issuing test bikes into news. This review is feasible compliment of our visitors who was type enough to lend us their Honda H’ness CB350)

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Honda H’ness CB350: Styling and functions

The most common factor that affects virtually every buying choice inside section may be the method a bike seems and Honda has been conscious of that while penning the lines of this H’ness CB350.

First thing that holds your interest may be the long and wide gasoline tank, because of the 80’s design Honda badge that proudly declares its Japanese beginnings. Then there’s the matte-chrome fenders, round Light-emitting Diode headlamp, flanked by all-time illuminated turn signs (a la automobiles in the united states), stepped single-piece chair additionally the tail lamp which is nicely integrated, and finishes the period-correct appearance. Additionally, those 18-inch alloys complement the elegant, modern-classic design of the bike.

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The circular LED headlamp is flanked by all-time illuminated change signs.

Regarding quality, there aren’t any complaints in regards to the materials utilized or even the paint finish. Our test motorcycle is the base DLX variant that gets a single-tone color and I had been happy to start to see the metallic black paint glisten in the afternoon sun. For an additional Rs 5,000, the DLX Pro variation gets you dual-tone paint, double horns (with chrome covers) and also the Bluetooth enabled Honda Smart Voice Control (HSVC) system. Permits the driver to set a smartphone towards small analogue-digital instrument group which alerts on incoming telephone calls, checks out out messages and performs music via a separate Honda software.

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The base DLX variant gets a single-tone color.

However, one needs to install aftermarket Bluetooth helmet speakers to use the feature as meant. Honda has also integrated a phone asking point in tool cluster however it is a contemporary Type-C slot and certainly will require an adapter, in the event you’ve got a regular USB port at one end of a charging cable.

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Instrument group is a tight analogue-digital product.

The fit and finish tend to be of increased amount and H’ness CB350 exudes that solid, built-to-last experience you’d expect of a motorcycle that wears the ‘Honda’ badge. That said, you will find way too many different finishes visible with over four shades of chrome, gold and matt black colored scattered throughout the bike which doesn’t look really cohesive.

Honda H’ness CB350: Ergonomics

Upright and relaxed seems to be the mandate provided to the group behind setting the H’ness CB350’s driving posture and they’ve trapped to your memo. Once sitting from the level and large perch, you are going to observe that the pared straight back handlebar does not require that you extend for it, whilst the foot pegs are put in a neutral position for an appropriate, all-day riding position. The settings fall available rather naturally, but the direction of heel-and-toe portion of the gear shifter is raised a little too on top of both stops rendering it cumbersome to make use of. We just utilized the toe part to move up and down the 5-speed gearbox.

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The seat is wide and comfortable sufficient for quick to medium distance trips, but isn’t extremely supporting for long durations.

In case you are seeking to ferry a pillion, the chair is large and comfortable adequate for brief to moderate distance rides. However, the chair actually extremely supporting for long durations and a full time into the saddle, however, should be punctuated with a few pauses.

Honda H’ness CB350: Engine and gratification

Now, onto the most important component in regards to the review and that’s the motor performance within the real life. But, before we arrive at it, i need to acknowledge that it’s impressive exactly how loud and raspy the CB350’s fatigue note is, it packs an obvious thump, and appears very sporty when revved out and it’s really louder compared to the RE Meteor 350 and Classic 350.

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The exhaust note is loud, raspy, and seems sporty whenever revved away.

While Honda might have benchmarked the fatigue note on its arch rivals, this has provided a unique flavour on motor’s personality additionally the overall gearing. A fast look at the spec sheet implies that the 349cc, air-cooled solitary produces the maximum amount of energy whilst the competition but helps make the most torque, at 30Nm and at a low 3,000rpm. This undoubtedly seems encouraging written down as well as the overall performance figures prove that is a quick motorcycle. 0-60kph comes up in 4.32s while the 100kph mark is crossed in 12.69s. The H’ness CB350 is also effective at striking 120kph with general simplicity, and has now an indicated top speed of slightly over 130kph. Those who work in a rush will really just like the top-end overall performance associated with the bike.

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However, Honda has brought the unusual decision to gear the bike rather tall and H’ness CB350 manages to lose from low-speed tractability. The high total gearing leads to a relatively poor bottom end and residing in 5th below 60-70kph is a task. The cycle also dislikes accelerating from 10-15 kph in 2nd gear, say while operating over a tall rate breaker. Its apparent that one has to be inside appropriate gear and feed sufficient revs for swift progress about this machine. Therefore, if you were searching for a relaxed and sluggish biking go through the H’ness CB350 does not deliver also it could have.

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On the other hand, you will see a collection of individuals who will not mind this counter-balanced engine’s have to be revved, particularly after seeing its refinement, even at large rates. Indeed, working the gearbox will likely be the order for the day while operating the bike in day-to-day traffic but the sensibly smooth 5-speed gearbox, with an ultra-light slide and assist clutch tends to make effortless work of tackling the routine. The sole gripe I got is with the mushy, commuter bike-like experience associated with the clutch lever, and it’s really maybe not intuitive to find the bite point, specially on congested roadways.

For all those wondering about fuel economy, we don’t possess bike for enough time to put it through our thorough efficiency test pattern, and that will need wait for if/when Honda gives us a test bike.

Honda H’ness CB350: Ride and dealing with

Honda’s brand new cradle framework, telescopic fork and twin-hydraulic shock absorber setup, is similar to that which we’ve seen on most modern-classic motorcycles within portion and there’s nothing extraordinary to report.

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The H’ness CB 350 feels quite planted and basic in the way it rides and handles. The ride quality at reduced rates is a little stiffer compared to the competitors however it stays composed while the speed rises. It really is very good at separating the strange pothole aswell and in general, the ride setup is well-judged, yet not plush.

Around corners, the H’ness CB350 sticks to an intended range, with lots of grip through the MRF Zappers. But a little more interaction from front end would’ve triggered even more self-confidence to push hard, not that it’s an important thing for a bike of the type.

As for the switchable Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) or traction control in layman’s language, it’s a great feature to have, but not something needed with this particular little energy. Even on free gravel roadways, we only was able to trigger the device when aggressively whacking the throttle open.

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The H’Ness features Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) – a fantastic feature, not crucial with this particular little energy.

To braking, additionally the Nissin calipers biting on a 310mm front disk and 240mm rear disc bring the motorcycle down to a halt without having any drama. Feedback through lever is decent as well as the abdominal muscles is well calibrated in order to maybe not intrude unless needed.

Honda H’ness CB350: Summary

The Honda H’ness CB350 is a result of carefully studying the competition while attempting to trump all of them by offering even more features. Add the processed motor, planted dynamics and prestige associated with the Honda badge and also this bike seems as a well-rounded item.

At a beginning cost of Rs 1.85 lakh, the H’ness is priced decently, nonetheless it’s nonetheless Rs 10,000 a lot more than the bottom Royal Enfield Meteor 350. Nevertheless, you will have many out there who’ll such as the bike for just what its, Honda followers or not. Although, with Honda’s plans to offer it entirely from the Big Wing Dealership, it will not be accessible to every person across the country. You will find just a number of Big Wing dealers working at the time of composing this and Honda plans to have 50 showrooms available by March 2021.

The bigger question is exactly how this bike stacks against the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, and that’s a remedy develop to reveal soon.

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