Review: Hero Xpulse 200 long haul review, very first report

Our regular visitors will remember your Autocar Xpulse 200 long-lasting test bike (last seen in December 2019) was green and had an alternate number plate. That one bike ended up being one among the pre-production devices that were useful for the press ride occasion in-may 2019. We went it for some time, but after several visits to your workshop for multiple little niggles, it had been determined your best course of action should be to get an actual production-spec unit for our long-term review. This is around early 2020, along with the promise of an improved BS6 iteration coming, we decided to await a BS6 model to begin with our long-lasting test with. The white motorcycle you’re considering here’s our brand new long-termer, and also this time around, it’s an effective production-spec product.


ABS engagement is better managed over bumpy sections.

Above impressed, I’m relieved utilizing the improvements that have come with the BS6 model. The engines on most of the past XPulses we’ve ridden (all pre-production, mind you) felt stressed when run difficult, and, in a few instances, even started making an unhappy noise from the valvetrain after substantial hard use. For a bike with only 18.4hp and 154kg to maneuver around, high revs had been going to be a constant state to be because of this machine. Fortunately, the BS6 improvement makes big improvements right here.


Now oil-cooled, the motor feels smoother and less stressed.

Probably the most apparent modification could be the addition of an oil cooler. The motor now seems and feels smoother when revved away. The fact that the power has reduced by 0.6hp and weight went up by 3kg is of no real consequence either, because our test figures reveal that the real-world performance is about just like before.

The newest bicycle has only been with us for a few days, and so far, it’s been shown to be an extremely nice commuter. Aside from the wide handlebar, the bicycle slots through traffic just as well as any stylish 160cc commuter and its ride quality is something those bikes couldn’t desire matching. We’ven’t had plenty of time along with it to check the real-world fuel efficiency so far, nonetheless it is apparently consuming gas at a pleasingly sluggish price.


The pass light switch still periodically sticks on.

Some things haven’t changed from old Xpulse therefore the switchgear still sometimes sticks, even though the plastic pads regarding small luggage rack already are raising. Quality seems to be on the same degree as before, but offered the intended using this motorcycle, it’s something I don’t mind managing.

Naturally, we have a great deal more planned and, in addition to messing about off road in the weekend, we’re additionally likely to remove it on a multi-day trip as soon as the situation permits it. Ultimately, we’re hoping to have the rally kit with this bicycle too which will really improve its abilities.

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