Psychics and police investigations

I’ve been binging the HBO series on the Atlanta child murders and it has me enraged. The doc is amazing but it shows how psychics got involved and it’s hard to watch. At first Dorothy Allison showed up and was bold enough to claim “there will be no more murders I’m here now” with the most smug look on her face I’ve ever seen and it’s clear she just loved the attention. After that a wave of psychics came pouring in and put on a real show of fake emotions and hyper dramatic nonsense (one sat by a tree and said “oh this is bad real bad” infront of a ton of camera’s). Surprise surprise a ton of them went on every talkshow they could. Then i think of the Randy Kraft case where a psychic got involved and led the investigation astray. Then i think of Sylvia brown claiming Amanda Berry was dead and waddayaknow she’s not. Then i think of the 9,000 tips given by psychics during the elizabeth smart case that costed many hours of precious time for investigators. The Sutcliffe case was hindered by psychics as well

My only question is how the fuck are they allowed to do this. Why does law enforcement call them in? Why do we allow these disgusting con men to show up, hinder investigations, profit off of tragedy, and in the end provide nothing of value? How often does this still happen and why did it ever happen in the first place? It’s something that needs to be forever banished from police investigations and remembered as the stains that they are. Psychics have no place whatsoever in law enforcement. There are even cases as recent as 2010 where psychics showed up and screwed things up. Sorry about the tangent i just cant believe this was ever even a problem. It’s so obvious that psychics are bullshit peddlers that exist solely to grift

Here are two articles about psychics that hindered investigations.

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