Please help me to identify an incident i’ve been finding for pretty much annually

I visited Fremantle Prison in Perth, Australian Continent in March 2020. This jail closed-in 1991 and it is now a tourist destination with led trips. One of several prisoners we learned all about was a prolific paedophile in Australian Continent. Many identifying feature about one of his true crimes had been that, after assaulting a little girl, he composed a note trying to explain to the woman instructor why she had been belated for school. This note detailed the assault and detectives later stated that he genuinely failed to see his actions as unlawful, that’s why he had written the note. He performedn’t want to get the woman in some trouble to be belated.

I found the outcome really fascinating and desired to look into him much more, but We cannot get the case everywhere. I emailed the prison but got no reaction.

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