Particular weblog mentioning resort landlord’s cover-up in Elisa Lam case

I remember coming upon a blog site (perhaps not Elisa’s own) that described the Elisa Lam situation in great information. It covered more aspects and ideas than whatever else I’d review at that time, particularly condensed into one website. My memory is fuzzy from the details but from the reading about a potential cover-up by the company/landlord who possessed the Stay on Main during the time since the travesty of Elisa’s death would trigger unwanted pr for a brandname that desired to redefine themselves (from becoming a shady hotel where criminals stayed to something even more inviting).

Does anybody know what i am talking about and/or have actually a web link to this blog? We haven’t had the oppertunity discover it since I have very first read it about last year. Aesthetically, i recall the font being tiny plus it showcased a few pictures throughout with captions.

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