On the 23rd of October 1986, Irish schoolboy Philip Cairns left his residence at 13:30 to go to school. He was never seen again.

For 13 yr old college son Philip Cairns, the 23rd of October 1986 was a typical time; after gonna Colaiste Eanna he left at 12:45 to own lunch at home with their family, and left once again at 13:30 to go back to college.

However, Philip had been never ever seen once more after this.

After becoming reported lacking by his parents Alice and Philip Sr., the Gardaí began searching for any eyewitnesses or clues to in which Philip was. A single day after his disappearance, several kids from Philip’s college stated he had gotten into a van with a “bad man” who had been supplying sweets. Six days after Philip had been reported missing, his college case had been within an alley which was in fact searched before together with found absolutely nothing. The bag was also dried out, despite the fact that it had rained throughout the few days. Two publications were taken, but anything else stayed. These are currently the just items of research in the event. A photo of Philip from their confirmation ended up being spread around Ireland, therefore the Gardaí searched different areas following the case was found; they yielded no results.

Sadly, you can find hardly any prospects in Philip Cairnes situation, and some of the prospects had been shown to be false. The main people i really could discover where these:

  • Multiple person ended up being involved: On November seventeenth 2002, the Irish magazine Sunday Independent published articles saying Philip was being sexually abused before their death. The article alleges that Philip ended up being murdered after informing another person towards misuse, hence up to 3 people were involved. This theory is founded on the confession of a man in 1996, whom advertised that Philip ended up being murdered after entering a van using the males along with his human body ended up being put into a pond at Loreto Abbey that wasn’t examined at the time by the Gardaí. This one is disputed because of the protections, while they performed dispute it in the basis there ended up being no ponds at Loreto Abbey that isn’t true (whilst it has been built over, during the time of Philip’s disappearance there was at least one pond at Loreto Abbey). Loretto Abbey can also be based in Rathfarnham, in which Philip existed.

  • Eamonn Cooke :Eamonn Cooke ended up being an Irish radio DJ who worked and had broadcast Dublin from 1977 to 2003. In 2003 Eamonn ended up being taken to court after four women accused him of molestation; as he premiered in 2006, he had been delivered to trial once more and arrested in 2007 with 42 charges of intimate punishment. He had been arrested and remained in Arbour Hill jail until his demise in 2016. In-may of 2016 a lady contacted the guards saying Eamonn Cooke murdered Philip. In her declaration the lady reported Cooke introduced Philip towards radio workplaces in Inchicore, in which he struck Philip on the head with some sort of tool and killed him. The protections reported that the female’s testimony also corroborated with several items of research. Whilst DNA entirely on Philip’s college case had been tested and verified not to be Cooke’s, the protections have never ruled him completely as a suspect. While Eamonn hasn’t already been a suspect in every various other youngster murders, he had been arrested in 1957 for shooting at four guards and once more in 1986 for an arson attack. The guards asked Eamonn on his death-bed, nonetheless he provided very vague responses and did not expose a great deal.

  • Brendan Houlihan: This one does not have much research behind it, but I figured i would as well feature it. On November 7th 1986, sixteen times after Philip vanished, a guy named Brendan Houlihan ended up being discovered lifeless in a canal. He was discovered naked and a shirt sleeve was within his mouth. Brendan worked as a sacristan in St Columba’s chapel, and on the day of his death Brendan had been reported to own already been looking the baptismal register for Philip’s title.

And sadly, it is all I could discover in regards to the disappearance of Philip Cairns. Each of their parents along with his four sisters think Philip died shortly after his abduction. Let me reveal a link to an age progressed image of Philip developed by the guards in the event, and here you will find the numbers to phone if you or somebody you know has actually any information associated with Philip’s disappearance.

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