New Tech Keeps Commercial Fleet Drivers Focused


Kevin Rusin considers their purchase reassurance. After reading the staggering numbers about accidents brought on by distracted driving, the McKinley Elevator president took action. Fearing this 1 of his company’s vehicle motorists could someday become a road statistic motivated him to get assistance from NOCELL, an inventive solution that can help keep motorists focused. “The method it was created, we knew it could avoid my drivers from getting sidetracked and minimize our company’s danger,” recalls Rusin, whom quickly became an early on beta tester of NOCELL. “It’s been a wonderful item for us. Whenever my dudes get driving of a company automobile and don’t have access to their phone, they have no explanation to achieve for it. Now they can properly get from Aim A to Aim B, distraction-free.”


Rusin’s concerns are not separated. Face it: The growing issue of distracted driving — it at this time causes $9.2 billion worth of accidents every year — can finally be a nightmare for the fleet. Which is the reason why a novel, commercial-grade solution like NOCELL can immediately assist protect your workers, business and assets from accidents, liability and legal actions. It effortlessly keeps your motorists away from their mobile devices, to ensure their complete attention is where it should be — on the road itself.

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Conceived by a daddy of seven to greatly help their young ones drive properly, the fresh technology will come in the form of NOCELLtag, a small puck-like device that’s approximately the size of three silver dollars stacked stop each other. Simultaneously, the driver’s phone is armed with NOCELL’s mobile app, plus the company with an easy-to-navigate admin portal. Securely affixed to either a vehicle’s driver-side windshield or A1 pillar via a unique 3M adhesive, the beacon connects with as much as three connected smart phones or pills, and automatically disables all unauthorized apps — instead of masking them. App permissions and system alerts are fully user-customizable, allowing fleet owners and administrators to enforce company policy.

NOCELL can also identify rogue individual devices, and inform fleet managers about them in real time. The system may also detect exactly when and in which a driver details a phone as well as for how long. That’s key because within five moments, a truck traveling at 55 kilometers per hour moves 110 yards. Plenty sometimes happens because time.

Built from ground up, NOCELL’s cutting-edge mobile app SDKs, API integration and custom firmware assimilate seamlessly with AVL/GPS fleet administration systems, industry service apps, dongles, digital cameras, JBUS and OBD-II devices. The portal is intuitively very easy to configure and navigate, and app-specific settings, data and analysis tools, motorist tamper alerts, at-a-glance metrics, and comprehensive reports. Fleet owners can rest simple — while drivers operate safely.

Presently, 48 states ban text messaging while driving, while 20 enforce hands-free phone calls. It’s no wonder, once the National Safety Council reports that distracted driving factors three crashes every moment. Given this regularity, therefore the costs associated with subsequent litigation together with crash-recovery procedure, it is imperative that fleet-operating businesses protect their drivers and business.

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