New quantity of votes in AB Volvo

The number of votes in AB Volvo has changed as a result of the conversion of a total of 101 878 Series a stocks to a total of 101 878 Series B shares. The conversions had been implemented using the help associated with window of opportunity for Series tha shareholders to request conversion of Series A shares to Series B shares that was entered into the Articles of Association on 2011 Annual General Meeting.

Today, 30 October 2020, the very last trading day’s the month, you will find a total of 2,033,452,084 registered shares in AB Volvo. Of these are 451,103,904 Series the shares and 1,582,348,180 Series B stocks. The amount of votes within the company amounts to 609,338,722 on the basis of the number of authorized stocks.

SOURCE: Volvo Group

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