Mojio Helps Track Business Fleets

Force by Mojio offers small enterprises mobile-friendly access to real-time vehicle information and alerts.  - Photo: Mojio

Force by Mojio offers small enterprises mobile-friendly usage of real-time automobile data and alerts.

Photo: Mojio

Mojio, a connected flexibility platform and SaaS solutions provider, announced the launch of its newest connected vehicle solution created specifically for small business fleets, Force by Mojio.

Powered by similar automotive technology platform with linked above 1 million automobiles in North America and European countries, Force by Mojio now provides small business owners mobile-friendly use of real-time automobile data and alerts. These insights will help hold their motorists accountable, get a handle on their functional expenses, and keep their cars secure and safe, based on the business.

“We collaborated with small enterprises from day one, hearing their experiences and learning from their usage patterns,” said Mojio CEO Kenny Hawk. “This enabled us to build a tailored solution that leverages the effectiveness of our connected mobility platform to fix aggravating and costly pain points.”

Hawk noted that Mojio built a residential district of diverse small businesses to guide the consumer experience design process and supply an instant feedback cycle with real-world screening. “These will be the companies that drive the United states economy and additionally they deserve affordable usage of technology that helps them contend with bigger companies, particularly in these challenging times. We’re thrilled to own developed an answer that is both simple to choose and simple to make use of.”

Rick Deitsch has American Pest Control in vegas. He has six automobiles in his fleet and thinks that Force by Mojio covers it self. “It assists me personally give faster, better customer care. Once I have an urgent call-out, i must understand if my techs could possibly get here within the next hour. All of them have actually cellular phones, but often they do not answer, and I do not wish to interrupt their work with a simple status check. As An Alternative, I’m Able To see exactly where they have been, and how fast they may be able get to the consumer’s location.”

Solar technology Concepts in Fresno, Calif., has a fleet of 21 automobiles. According to HR Manager & Controller Ryan Beene, the effect of Force by Mojio regarding business’s day-to-day operations is concrete. “It has enabled a brand new degree of accountability for our motorists, motivating them to actually just take ownership of their car and exactly how they approach it, causing safer driving behavior.”

Brad Allison, owner of Poseidon Pool provider, runs five automobiles in Las Vegas and recommends Force by Mojio to any company in solution industry. “we run a complete solution company and also this is a huge assistance. Basically have to take parts out to my professionals, or learn in which they’re for any other explanation, i could effortlessly check the live map. Once I see a check engine light, I’m Able To discover what it means, so if it isn’t too serious I Am Able To spend less by fixing the problem myself rather than planning to a mechanic.”

Force by Mojio can be obtained now in america. Organizations can get started with a risk-free trial, like the 4G LTE OBD-II tracking products, cellular information, and usage of the web and mobile apps. No agreements and no concealed charges.

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