Missing man discovered 16 years later on in a really on their ex-girlfriend’s property – The murder of Fred Wilkerson

Man’s stays present a really on his ex girlfriend’s property 16 years later; the murder of Fred Wilkerson by Connie Quedens

This case took place within my home town. Once I was at center school, I experienced a classmate tell me, out of the blue, that her home was haunted. Naturally, I inquired numerous concerns: exactly what happened in your house, what type of haunting, all of that jazz. She taken care of immediately myself, very casually, “Oh some guy was murdered and thrown into a well.”

For decades, we remembered this, but I never ever could find many details. Two weeks ago, I saw my classmate in public areas and made a decision to dig back in.

In 2003, after a tip from a next-door neighbor that reopened a cool instance, individual stays were within a really in Troup County, GA in the home of a woman known as Connie King Quedens. The skeleton was still putting on a pair of jeans, and additionally they had lip balm into the pouches. The remains were wrapped in a partially-burned carpet, alongside a hacksaw blade and a pipe.

The house belonged to a Fred Wilkerson, who had been internet dating Connie Quedens from 1986 until a couple months ahead of his disappearance on November 27th, 1987. Up until September 1987, Fred and Connie had been living together in his house.

Fred was a vehicle motorist, in which he had been regarded as madly in love with Connie during their commitment. He gave the lady his deed for their home and home. He had been a beneficial father to their son Tim, whom he lived with prior to their disappearance, and his girl Tracie. Fred in addition served as main of Troup County Volunteer Rescue Squat Station # 2.

Fred was final seen by their child on 11/27/87 within their shared apartment. Fred’s car ended up being discovered per month in the future December 24th, 1987 into the Atlanta airport’s parking lot for lasting parking. The automobile ended up being unlocked, plus the tips and two uncashed checks were in car.

Digging deeper into Connie and Fred’s record, authorities found that Fred had quit his 1 / 2 of the deed of the home to Connie while they were collectively, and she’d made use of this to kick him and his boy off the home in September 1987, and after that she rapidly married a person known as Gary Quedens. Fred retaliated by suing Connie for cash when it comes to materials found in building the home.

Connie became people of great interest in 2003, whenever situation of Fred’s disappearance reopened due to her neighbor’s statements. The woman next-door neighbor emerged forward and reported that regarding night of Fred’s disappearance, Connie labeled as the lady to tell the girl she’d not require the next-door neighbor to look at the lady pets because, while Connie’s family members ended up being using a well planned trip, she’d be remaining residence to “protect the woman property.” Listed here day, Connie asked the next-door neighbor’s teenage daughter to operate a vehicle Connie’s car towards Atlanta airport. Connie justified the demand by saying she needed to drive her intoxicated friend into airport and would need her vehicle truth be told there to have home. The next-door neighbors daughter couldn’t see Connie when on airport.

If the authorities confronted Connie, she stated that Fred found her home on 11/27 to go over the lawsuit. She stated that a policeman had started to the house, following Fred’s car. A nurse and officer got out from the police vehicle, a big fight ensued, and all got when you look at the cop automobile and left. She said the next day she got a threatening call that shared with her to-drive Fred’s automobile to your airport or the woman kids will be murdered. Police informed Connie they’d be looking the well on the home, that she responded, “If he is down there, I’m sure absolutely nothing about it.”

Fred’s young ones insisted from the bat that the stays present Connie’s well were their particular dad’s, as the jean dimensions matched and he constantly carried lip balm of the brand with him anywhere he went. Mitochondrial DNA proved your keeps based in the well had been of the identical maternal lineage of Fred Wilkerson’s sister, furthering proof why these stays were those of Fred Wilkerson. Forensics determined that the dead was shot within the head.

Connie’s existing spouse testified against this lady to truly save his very own ass. He told police that when he came back home from family members trip in Nov 1987, he’d discovered a gun into the cellar. The firearm had because already been offered in a gun program, after a recorded discussion revealed Connie saying it had been from “16 years ago, throughout the Fred thing.”

Connie Quedens had been found guilty for murder of Fred Wilkerson in 2005.

Therefore, in general, pretty crazy tale that took WAYYY a long time is resolved.





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