Lily Furneaux

I have actually simply seen a video clip on TikTok from Lily’s mum. I have never heard about this situation before but I feel like Lily deserves on her tale to possess interest brought to it for many reasons.

Lily was a 2 year-old toddler who was sexually assaulted and murdered by her very own action mom, Renee Marie King. All because she soiled her pants and tossed a tantrum, you realize, typical things a baby does.

Her autopsy unveiled her reason behind demise to be 20 instances of dull force stress to her head, when compared with injuries sustained from becoming in a deadly car wreck. The injuries through the intimate assault were in comparison to that of a grown woman who’d offered delivery.

Still, King attempts to defend her purity. Saying she tripped and dropped together with Lily within the bath. Detectives found evidence in your home that disproved the woman statement.

Child punishment is an issue that so importantly needs interest. Please be a voice for Lily.

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