❗❗Missing Swim Instructor❗❗

????High Point, Greensboro, Raleigh, North Carolina

⭕Johnathan Patterson⭕

Johnathan Patterson is a 26 year old male from Charlotte, North Carolina. Johnathan has an older brother and a younger sister putting him smack in the middle. Johnathan loves his job and is a children’s swim instructor for open waters. He also loves to scuba dive and play video games when he is not hanging out with his family. Johnathan is an extremely goofy character and a very sweet guy. He has been missing since 02/21/21.

His vehicle was found off of 85 North near mile marker 121.

His cell phone was last pinged in the Highpoint area.

Please be on the look out in those areas.

If you have any information about Johnathan, please contact local authorities.

His car was found with no foul play. His keys, person, and wallet were all missing. John is not one to run away. He is very loyal to his family and adores his job. The police took a while to file a missing persons report and it has been a week since he has been missing. There is no article or report about his disappearance which I am still unsure why.

However his brother gave us an update at noon on 2/27/21 and said the police are now working hard and the ball is rolling. All we can do now is keep our eyes peeled!

Thank you everyone for you support. It truly means the world me.

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