Italia Lomelli Graham

I have always been nevertheless bothered by 5 year-old Italia Lomelli Graham being murdered in her own house in Summersville sc. Italias mom and Aunt understand something and street rule is avoiding all of them speaking. Italia Aunt made a post on Twitter that floored me. She said she will miss the lady and every thing but claims we must remain LOYAL. OMG OMG. she instead remain loyal to killers just who killed her niece. Italia mommy Aunt and boyfriends lived in home. Two weeks prior the house ended up being shot at. Nobody called police. What sort of mommy doesnt assistance put Justice for her girl. The daddy is indeed consumed with stress. This man needs help from individuals chatting for him. He seems to n’t have help because of road rule. Commitment toward roads instead of a new innocent 5 year old woman called Italia Lomelli Graham. Just how do these Detective feel for themselves not wanting to pursue for Justice for Italia that makes myself ill also. There is Twitter video from lennie that also made me personally look into this case. Nancy Disgrace ended up being siding using mother. However if you look further into this situation mommy knows which performed this to her child. Only want to hear everything all think. Many Thanks.

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