Is Honda Care Beneficial? (2020 Review)

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Honda Care® is an automobile service contract from Honda that covers critical components after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It’s offered at most Honda dealerships and might be offered whenever you purchase a brand new or utilized Honda.

Could be the Honda Care guarantee worthwhile, however? The contract might help pay for the expense of particular repairs, but how does it compare to alternatives? We’ve reviewed the most useful extended vehicle warranty companies, rating providers centered on expense, protection and solution reputation. This review will explain what is included with Honda Care and compare it with protection from other top providers.

If you’re selecting extended warranty protection at a reduced price, you’ll desire to compare choices across numerous providers. You can click below getting free, non-committal quotes from a few of the top-rated extended warranty organizations on the market.

Best Extended Vehicle Warranty Organizations
We reviewed every major guarantee company for protection, affordability and much more. Here are our suggestions.

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Exactly What Does Honda Care Cover?

Honda Care can expand your Honda warranty protection as much as 8 years/120,000 kilometers. This might be five years much longer than the factory bumper-to-bumper warranty and three years longer compared to the factory powertrain guarantee.

However, a Honda Care plan won’t always cover all of the exact same components whilst the Honda bumper-to-bumper factory guarantee. With Honda Care, clients can choose between four degrees of coverage:

  • Brand new vehicle protection
  • Pre-owned automobile protection
  • Certified extra protection
  • Powertrain coverage

New car coverage, pre-owned car protection and certified additional protection agreements are all exclusionary and address most Honda parts, like the drivetrain, electronics systems, chassis, heating system, cooling system and Honda genuine add-ons. The price of these agreements is dependant on vehicle age and mileage, so two motorists may get different quotes for the same plan.

Powertrain protection includes protection for the motor, transmission, drive axles, and associated seals, gaskets and liquids. Powertrain protection can be acquired just for pre-owned automobiles.

All protection plans can simply be bought for Hondas which can be up to three model years of age and have under 36,000 miles regarding the odometer. You might be capable buy protection for non-Honda vehicles besides, though provides change from dealership to dealership.

Honda Care Benefits

All Honda Care contracts include the following benefits:

  • Leasing automobile reimbursement: Reimburses $35 each and every day for six days while your vehicle is in the look for repairs
  • Commercial protection: Covers new Hondas employed for commercial purposes such as for instance driving for a rideshare company or food distribution
  • Roadside assistance: Provides reimbursement for towing, lockouts, gas distribution and other roadside services
  • Trip disruption advantage: Reimburses expenses at $100 everyday for approximately three days if you break down definately not home and should remain immediately while repairs are built
  • 24/7 concierge solution: Provides usage of your own concierge to walk you through next steps in the event of a roadside crisis

Honda Sentinel Solutions

Honda now offers Sentinel plans. The Honda Care Sentinel® Services contract pays for routine oil modifications and road risk tire security. The Honda Care Sentinel® Plus package covers maintenance while offering component protection just like brand new vehicle protection.

Just How Much Can Honda Care Price?

The expense of a Honda Care warranty is based on your car or truck, and rates can be negotiable at dealership. For a quote, contact the local Honda dealer.

Is Honda Care Worth Every Penny?

A long automobile solution contract may bring drivers reassurance on the way understanding that critical components are covered in the event of an urgent breakdown. But sometimes, a car service agreement does not spend the maximum amount of for repairs since it costs purchasing.

To get an improved sense of just how much Honda drivers spend in repair expenses, our review team turns to RepairPal. This web site uses driver-reported information to calculate common repairs and repair expenses of certain automobile brands.

RepairPal ranks Honda beginning away from 32 vehicle brands with regards to dependability, meaning its automobiles have exceptionally low yearly repair expenses, require infrequent repairs and have a decreased possibility of needing an important fix. Here’s a dysfunction of exactly how RepairPal rates Hondas in these three categories, compared with the average:

RepairPal Reliability Factor Honda Average Industry Average
Typical Yearly Fix Price $428 $652
Regularity of Repairs 0.3 repairs annually 0.4 repairs each year
Likelihood of Wanting A Serious Fix 10 % 12 %

*RepairPal defines a “severe” repair as costing over 3 x the yearly average repair expense across all models, or higher than $1,956.

In the event that you feel comfortable having to pay the common yearly Honda repair cost from pocket or if you cannot plan to keep your car or truck through the factory warranty expiration date (3 years/36,000 kilometers), you may want to skip Honda Care.

But should you want to be protected from the chance for an especially costly breakdown, or you want to fund your fix costs in the long run, an automobile service contract may be valued at the investment. If you are thinking about an automobile service agreement, consider in the event that you is best off with Honda Care or a third-party vehicle solution agreement.

Honda Care vs. Third-Party Car Service Contracts

In addition to a Honda-backed car service contract, you may want to start thinking about third-party warranty choices. Unlike with Honda Care, a third-party car security plan can typically be bought whenever you want inside vehicle’s life, whether your initial factory warranty has expired or not. The chart below outlines additional differences when considering both types of agreements.

Honda Care Third-Party Warranty
Must certanly be bought ahead of the odometer hits 36,000 kilometers Can be purchased anytime
Extends warranty protection up to 8 years and 120,000 miles With regards to the provider, can expand guarantee protection around 15 years or 250,000 miles
Need automobile serviced at a Honda dealership or pre-approved repair center Cars is serviced at any certified repair shop

Top Recommendations for Extended Vehicle Warranties

Should you want to extend your Honda warranty protection your Honda has passed the 36,000-mile mark, you’ll should examine choices from independent guarantee providers. Even although you have a brand new Honda, it is worth comparing expenses to discover the best deal.

Inside our industry-wide review, we compared guarantee companies based on factors including affordability, coverage options, customer support and industry reputation. Find out about two of our top-rated guarantee providers, Endurance and CARCHEX, below.

Stamina: Most Useful Provider

Inside our Endurance guarantee review, we ranked Endurance 5.0 movie stars out of 5.0. To date, it is the just provider we now have reviewed for this score. We rate Endurance so extremely due to its extensive coverage choices, higher level of customer care, competitive rates and valuable protection advantages.

You will find five quantities of Endurance intends to select from, including basic and exclusionary coverage. Each includes perks including roadside help, journey disruption coverage and rental car reimbursement. Customers also get a totally free 12 months of Endurance Elite Membership with every plan, including substantial advantages including identification theft recovery support, free key fob and tire replacements, and a $250 entertainment voucher.

Click below to get a free, individualized estimate using this provider.

Best Provider

Editor’s Rating:


Industry frontrunner that offers no-interest payments of 12-24 mo.

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(877) 374-1840

CARCHEX: Perfect For High-Mileage Cars

In our CARCHEX review, we rated the provider 4.5 stars away from 5.0. CARCHEX has been around for over twenty years and is a leader in the extended warranty industry, with recommendations from organizations like, CARFAX, RepairPal and Kelley Blue Book. We like CARCHEX because it provides quality protection for high-mileage cars and has now some of the lowest rates in the industry. Along with numerous industry honors, CARCHEX has its own happy clients and a strong consumer reputation.

You will get a free, personalized CARCHEX quote by pressing below.

Best for High-Mileage Cars

Editor’s Rating:


Offers comprehensive service and covers vehicles with more than 100,000 miles

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Honda Care Faqs

What’s contained in Honda Care?

Honda Care provides protection in the most common of Honda parts and accessories, with a few exclusions for cosmetic and wear-and-tear elements. It is just like the Honda brand new car guarantee, though it’s not quite as comprehensive. Honda Care agreements likewise incorporate benefits for leasing automobile reimbursement, roadside help and journey disruption.

What exactly is Honda Care upkeep?

Honda Care MaintenanceTM is a prepaid upkeep program that covers regular upkeep solutions like inspections, tire rotations, oil changes and fluid modifications.

Does Honda Care address oil changes?

Honda Care doesn’t protect oil modifications, however the Honda Sentinel Plus program offers the same component coverage as Honda Care along with prepaid oil modifications and road risk protection.

Could I get Honda Care for a non-Honda car?

Yes, you can purchase Honda Care for non-Honda cars. See your neighborhood Honda dealership for details.

Could I cancel Honda Care?

Customers can cancel Honda Care contracts whenever you want for a prorated refund.

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