Instead of asking killers “why,” they kill, how about asking them “Did you really think you’d get away with it?”

Whenever I watch a Dateline (which should be renamed to “The ex husband did it” ), all of the reporters and investigative journalists always ask the same mindless questions, such as “Why did you kill your ex” or “Did you do it?”.

Instead of asking these same canned questions that are going to be answered most likely with an outright LIE or reconstructed false narrative, how about asking these criminals, “Did you really think you’d get away with it?”.

“Did you really think the police wouldn’t find out that you had three side girlfriends?”

“Did you really think the police wouldn’t check your phone records?”

“Why did you think that you were the ONE person who’s really going to get away with a crime when everyone around you in the news gets caught?”

“Why do you think you’re so special about committing crimes that you would be the one guy who outsmarts everyone?”

“Don’t you know there are cameras basically everywhere now? ARE YOU NEW HERE?”

If I were an investigative reporter or interviewer or anything those would be my questions. Let’s stop the stupid questions and ask real ones.

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