I’m Tiller, the investigative true crime journalist-turned-filmmaker behind Night Stalker, Silk Road and others. AMA!

I’m Tiller Russell. I have spent my entire life in the underworld of cops and crooks. Growing up, I was dragged around to courthouses, jails and police precincts because my dad worked in the district attorney’s office in Dallas so it probably wasn’t entirely surprising that I ended up following a similar path. I started out as a crime reporter, then began making crime films – both features and docs. I’ve made movies about everything from serial killer Richard Ramirez to the murder of Kiki Camerena. Some of my recent work includes: Night Stalker, Silk Road, The Last Narc, Operation Odessa and The Seven Five. Excited to answer your questions!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/m43ou60yz9i61.jpg

EDIT: Thank you all for taking the time and spending the morning with me. I found it fun and engaging to hear people’s thoughts. Hope my answers to your questions were satisfying and compelling. Apologies for any I failed to get to — you guys type faster than me! I’m grateful for your support. And am now going to get back to work, so I can keep making new movies and series for you to enjoy. All my best. Stay safe.


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