I survived… Amazon Prime. Why didn’t any one of you mention this!?

“I Survived…” on Amazon Prime Movie.

I’m hooked. We haven’t viewed everything since I began this series. At this time on period 5 or 6. Which the hell knows. Point is…. I’m disappointed no body mentioned this at the beginning of quarantine.

If you haven’t seen this tv show… don’t delay. It’s simple, each event is normally a mixture of folks telling their tales of enduring. We’re chatting enduring becoming gunned down, stabbed, tortured. But in addition a great mixture of enduring natural tragedy, animal attacks, and work relevant injury.

1st season is okay, but once the seasons continue the circumstances have more bizarre and sometimes just ordinary incredible.

I hope this will be helpful as a lot of us enter 2nd quarantine….. you’re welcome you weirdos!

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