Searching Ghislaine: LBC’s Brand New Podcast Hosted by John Sweeney

On July 2, 2020, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI at her residence in New Hampshire. Two weeks later she pleaded simple to six fees including trafficking and conspiring to entice minors the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein. She is presently in prison awaiting her trial, scheduled for July 2021.

Searching Ghislaine is a new LBC podcast investigating the life of Ghislaine Maxwell. Hosted by reporter John Sweeney (Panorama, Newsnight, The Observer), the podcast is co-commissioned by international plus the Story Lab, part of dentsu imaginative. Episodes will soon be available every Thursday from 19th November on international Player.

“The tale of Jeffrey Epstein has-been told in a variety of ways in the last two years, but nothing have actually given many cursory moments to Ghislaine Maxwell. His girlfriend, their alleged pimp and partner in a series of sex crimes against a series of underage females, some as young as 14, Ghislaine has remained in the shadows. When Epstein’s life started initially to unravel, Ghislaine vanished, and then reappear whenever she was arrested because of the FBI early in the day this current year.

“No old-school Fleet Street reporter like me just who knew just what a monster Robert Maxwell was cannot experience some pity for Ghislaine Maxwell at the time he dropped off their yacht. Then again Ghislaine fled to New York to provide a second monster. This will be a dark fairy story of our times, about how precisely power and money and contacts can, for a while, blind justice. Although Not forever.”

John Sweeney

It’s a tale both melancholic and macabre; a story arousing shame and disgust; a story of sufferers and beasts; a tale of exactly how a number of the richest and entitled men and women on earth used their funds and capacity to silence the abused.

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The six-episode series starts with a glance at just how Ghislaine was deformed by her news tycoon dad Robert Maxwell, a bully, a crook and a thief. It reflects on her behalf black colored book of high-society contacts, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew, even while noting the cult-like nature of Epstein and Ghislaine’s globe. Alongside many specialists and other reporters, Sweeney delves into Ghislaine’s last and her role in Epstein scandal. Only she will respond to just how Epstein utilized their fabulous fortune to blind the eyes of US justice.”

Need dig a little deeper? You’ll find down even more from John himself as he attends CrimeCon British to generally share more.

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