What Are the reality behind viral stories around child intimate exploitation

As soon as we stumbled on work with this dilemma, we made an option that we would-be willing to have difficult conversations and then make difficult choices. We understood just how difficult this subject would be.

However, if you’re like many people in the united states, you failed to make that choice when you experienced one of the numerous current viral stories concerning son or daughter intercourse trafficking (CST) or any other kinds of child intimate exploitation (CSE).

CSE is one of the most evocative dilemmas you’ll experience, throwing our protective instincts into large gear and, oftentimes, prompting a flight-or-flight reaction.

So when our co-founder states, knowing about it concern, you can’t un-know it.

Within blog we’ll be frequently supplying brand-new sources that delve into the issue in digestible, easy-to-understand techniques show the reality around CST together with broader problem of CSE. By equipping your self using this knowledge, you’ll become an ally and advocate for the children we provide, and simply take by using you into the personal circles and communities.

One noisy sound will make some noise, but with scores of specific voices we can replace the globe and end the sexual exploitation of kids on the internet.

Join us in encouraging advocates of son or daughter safety to #KnowWhatYouShare.

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