HLN sent me a screener for an episode of Lies, Crimes, and Video on the Broken Arrow Bever murders in Oklahoma in 2015 that airs tomorrow night. The mom was on reddit, her comment featured on the show is linked within.

HLN sent me a screener of an episode of Lies, Crime, and Video that airs tomorrow at 9 pm. I have been meaning to watch it for a few days but finally found the time. They asked me to be honest about what I thought about so I will be.

I’m not being compensated or anything for this. This is just something I thought I would try out. Feel free to downvote me if you wish.

I’ll talk about the story and then provide a little commentary on the tv show itself.

First of all, this is a very compelling story. I was unaware of this case and it’s heartbreaking and brutal.

The case being covered is the Broken Arrow Killings

From wiki:

On July 22–23, 2015, five members of the Bever family were murdered in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Two members of the family, a 2-year-old girl and 13-year-old girl survived, the latter of whom identified two of her brothers, Robert Bever, 18, and Michael Bever, 16, as the assailants. The brothers were subsequently arrested and charged with five counts of first-degree murder and one count of assault and battery with intent to murder.

The kids had been planning on killing their entire family and then to drive across country just shooting random people until they got famous.

It’s clear from the episode that the elder brother is just someone who is pure evil. He grabbed his sister and slit her throat, stabbed her a dozen times and then dragged her outside. She survived somehow.

He stabbed his mom 48 times and killed his dad.

Two children aged 5 and 7 (i think) were locked up in a bathroom scared. He managed to convince them to open the door and then he stabbed them. He stabbed the 7 year old girl 18 times.

The younger brother of the two killers, Michael, was also involved and did stab some of his family members, but it’s not clear to what extent he was intricately involved and to what extent he was just following his brother and under his sway. Still though, he participated in some brutal murders so it’s hard to claim later that you really didn’t mean to do that.

Luckily, their 13 year old brother managed to call 911 from a cell but he was also talked into opening the door and was subsequently killed. [edit: Originally this said Robert talked him into opening the door, apologies for the error.]

The police managed to arrive in time to save the infant child, who was upstairs at the time, from being killed. When it came time for the trial, the 13 year old sister was allowed to testify via video because she was so traumatized and scared that she couldn’t stand to be in the same courtroom with Robert and Michael.

The 911 call is played in the episode and it will rip your heart out. It is haunting.

There’s a trailer on their youtube channel if you want to see it.

And here’s the thing. The mom was on reddit.

Here’s a post about her on r/DeadRedditors. Other reddit posts about this can be found: here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

HLN is part of the CNN family and they have been airing crime shows for years. They are launching a bunch of stuff this year, for example a new season of Forensic Files.

About the show itself, the one thing that stood out to me was the narrator did not have the honey smooth voice that I am used to hearing on these shows. Got used to it pretty quickly though and it honestly seems kind of like nitpicking to even mention it. The rest of the show was basically the same as most of the other shows of this type on ID and other networks. Interviews with the police and other professionals involved in the case along with neighbors and friends. Nothing really stands out to me as any different from most shows of this type.

I went into it with low expectations because I wasn’t familiar with the series and hadn’t seen an episode. To me, the choice of cases is everything with a show like this. I want to watch shows that feature compelling cases that I haven’t ever heard of before. If each episode were to feature a compelling case like this I would probably set up a DVR recording and watch a few more episodes to see if I liked the series. My wife watches a lot of stuff like this.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the subreddit has been approached by nearly every major media company in the last year looking for some way to leverage the attention of the sub for views or clicks.

There are a tremendous amount of you on the sub and you guys have a lot of power if you assert yourselves about the type of content you want to see. It is likely that producers scan comments for ideas or to simply take the temperature of the community. Podcasters and youtubers do it all the time.

There was a lot of meta discussion recently about the Elisa Lam doc and the Night Stalker doc. The discussion was so pervasive that memes were being made and passed around making fun of how much Netflix and others pad these series with fillers. This show isn’t one of those, each episode is one case. But what I’m getting at is that if you guys want better content from these providers, just make your voices heard. They are listening.

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