Here’s Two Minutes Of Unimogs Performing The Kinds Of Items That Just Unimogs Can Perform – Fun Stuff

Here’s Two Minutes Of Unimogs Doing The Sorts Of Things That Just Unimogs May Do – Fun Things

Here’s Two Minutes Of Unimogs Performing The Sorts Of Items That Only Unimogs May Do – Fun Stuff

Over the length of time that BangShift has been in existence we’ve revealed dozens, perhaps countless video clips that emphasize the amazing abilities associated with Mercedes Unimog. From their military uses with their grunt work with industries and facilities around the world, the Unimog is definitely among gold criteria of four-wheeled capacity in any and all situations. This two minute movie reveals the vehicles used as toys and competitors cars in several settings and while the slickly created business videos showing what these vehicles may do are cool, they are 100 times better since they show ’em being used into the fullest of their abilities. We’re uncertain where the video of this rig laden up with dudes climbing the river bank ended up being shot however it demonstrates that we now have idiot all across the planet earth anyway. Those men are typical future organ donors.

The scene using vehicles romping through a-deep river rocks ! because they generate such a wave your photographers make a run for it as the “tide” will come in. That and the fact that the water is actually a few foot deep and the vehicles provided precisely zero EFFS about that circumstance. After wathcing something similar to this how could you not require to possess one a Unimog just so you’d have the ability to escape and screw around on any area that the Earth can toss at you!


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