Half a century into the service of security: Volvo Cars’ Accident analysis Team celebrates 50 years

At Volvo Cars, they are referred to as company’s in-house detectives. Yet they are able to also be called the Swedish car maker’s own CSI group, with some twist regarding the acronym of TV fame.

The crash scene detectives of Volvo car crash analysis Team, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, are set 24 / 7 to make certain that Volvo Cars learns from real-life accidents and constantly improves its cars.

“The Accident analysis Team’s time and effort and research allows Volvo Cars to make sure that a tragic traffic accident can lead to something good: ever safer vehicles,” claims Malin Ekholm, mind of this Volvo Cars Safety Centre. “By closely analysing exactly what has occurred during each phase of any sort of accident, the team provides important informative data on what can be improved on our vehicles.”

The team has been around procedure since 1970. Whenever a major accident involving a Volvo happens around Gothenburg, Sweden, be it evening or day, they quickly get to the scene when notified. As they arrive, they begin an investigation and document the series of occasions as detail by detail as you are able to.

That means asking concerns. How powerful ended up being the effect? Exactly how quickly did the active safety systems intervene? Just how would be the people? Other questions include: What was the weather like? The thing that was the full time? In exactly what condition had been the trail markings?

The work continues back on the job: the team requests publicly available authorities reports, contacts the driver and examines the vehicle when feasible. The group also tries to know the way the driver experienced the accident, a process that involves the Volvo Cars Safety Centre’s behavioural researchers.

Finally, the group will ask the folks mixed up in accident to share their medical records, allowing them to pay attention to any accidents sustained. These are analysed by biomechanics specialists, in cooperation with physicists, to know the precise factors behind the damage.

All the information and knowledge gathered is coded and depersonalised. Conclusions using this research are shared with Volvo’s item development groups, who utilize it to develop and implement new technologies in upcoming automobiles. The team additionally identifies items that can’t be solved now – allowing Volvo Cars to stay on forefront of security development.

Annually, the team investigates around 30-50 accidents in person, but accidents happen all around the globe plus the scene could be hard to achieve promptly. In those instances and to the degree feasible, the detectives work to map away accidents aided by the help from Volvo personnel and emergency solutions closer to the website.

In addition to that, the group also uses other sourced elements of information like public accident databases found globally to make sure that the steps needed are taken.

“The Accident analysis Team is far from the sole supply of research information for our safety experts, however it plays a crucial role for all of us to actually comprehend the facts,” adds Malin Ekholm. “Accidents do nevertheless happen, but nowadays the consequences are much milder and serious accidents are a great deal rarer than they used to be.”

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