Groups of killers and rapists constantly state their “sons/daughters could do not have done such a thing”… but any exceptions?

After somebody is accused of some heinous activity that’s unlawful the chorus starts through family relations:

“i realize my son, he’d would not have done that.”

“My kid’s kids ARE HER WORLD, she would not require harmed them.”

“my partner could not damage a fly, they will have the person which incorrect”

And obviously, constantly “He constantly seemed this is why normal, we never expected this.” (like killers circumambulate looking like killers inside front side of killings or something such as for example that).

Exactly what is the EXCEPTIONS because of this tired chorus which old ofHe don’t accomplish this, that is impossible”? Such as “Yeah, he’d been constantly harming other youths in regards to the play ground, it generally does not shock united states!” or “She have already been too rough alongside the woman children,” in addition they shared that aided by the news? Please share when you’re able to find!

Demonstrably, individuals will not constantly their emotions which are real given that they want their darling small Johnies and Jainies never to take a look at prison, but, does anybody really talk THE PRIMARY POINTS on these issues?

(component note: watching family members denial from outside is incredibly irritating, but that is another subject.)

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