Fun Video: Watch This Motor Week Overview Of The 1982 Corvette Collectors Edition

Fun Movie: Watch This Motor Week Review Of The 1982 Corvette Collectors Edition

Fun Video: View This Engine Week Overview Of The 1982 Corvette Collectors Edition

1982 marked the conclusion for the long running C3 Corvette. First introduced in 1968 it had soldiered on through dark times of the 1970s and into the 1980s. 1983 ended up being supposed to herald the entrance associated with brand new plus much more modern C4 Corvette but quality and production trouble plagued General Motors regarding project generally there really was no 1983 model year Corvette circulated towards the public. However, the main focus of this video below is on the 1982 Corvette and specifically the 1982 Collector’s Edition model that was a paint and stripe package generally.

Being that designers and designers had many years to refine and focus on the Corvette framework, it is no real surprise it was pretty much sorted (for its age) by the time which they pulled the plug on the model. It is possible to hear some funny material in this movie like “high tech” leaf springtime, plus some signing praise concerning the 16-second, 84-mph quarter mile shot made at 75-80 Dragway. This car had a 350 and a computerized. The engine was loaded with the legendarily maybe not great Crossfire gas injection that has been a factory cross ram that used a pair of TBI units on top of the intake. You realize the jokes so we’ll stop here.

The price tag on the automobile was $24,000 in 1982. Looks hilarious, right? In an indication of just how weird the financial times had been in those days it had been about twice just what a Corvette cost in 1978! In today’s money, the $24,000 this Corvette offered for may be worth $59,952 which’s about where you are likely to be if you buy a Vette in the budget for the option scale nowadays. That’s sort of an interesting reality.

The vehicle weighed 3,400lbs. The vehicles now weigh between 33 and 3600 based on how you choice them. Think about gas economy. The 1982 Vette ended up being ranked for 19/26. Today’s zooty machine with all the current aero and technology? 17/29!

It really is easy for united states to swipe at automobiles just like the 1982 Corvette when we hold them against our contemporary standard but the strange thing is, by the context of these era, they certainly were good vehicles. Appears crazy to united states as well! Watch this video and check out the review. They thrash it pretty good.

Press play below to see this shining report on the 1982 Corvette –

[embedded content]

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