Foam and rice for more sustainable cars: SEAT reveals its state-of-the-art proposals during Innovation Day

Today and the next day SEAT is holding the 2nd version of Innovation Day, an inspirational event centered on identifying and encouraging the spirit of innovation among the company’s own workers. Through a hybrid structure, which combines on line and in-person tasks and sessions, the business has unveiled a few of the a few ideas, visions and jobs that may chart the future of the automotive industry.

Vehicle components created from gasoline and rice to reach automobiles with less synthetic and more sustainability; virtual truth and immersive reality applications to reduce times and optimise automobile design and production procedures; and a very practical image simulation programme developed in-house are of this tasks that individuals at Innovation Day happen able to see.

The event is organised in three parts. The first is an on-line and in-person summit, with as much as 50 jobs, where employees have now been in a position to learn about the key revolutionary jobs which have emerged during the last 12 months and interact with their creators. The second part comprises of talks on innovation led by experts on subjects such as for example synthetic cleverness, innovation in times during the crisis, or innovation for the more youthful generation, and others. Finally, five working groups have actually used innovative methodologies to try and resolve business challenges related, for example, to brand new flexibility choices, the connected automobile and/or consumer experience.

SEAT Vice-president for hr Xavier Ros claimed that “innovation is a catalyst for SEAT in two means: on the one hand, it allows us to evolve toward procedures in the short term also to implement more efficient methods for working which lead to value which have an effect regarding company’s outcomes. Having Said That, it enables united states to generate new items, solutions and ways of doing items that becomes differentiating facets for the business tomorrow.”

Ku-Fizz and Oryzite: sustainable innovation

The most outstanding innovations presented by SEAT throughout the event is Ku-Fizz, a physical foam filling technology that reduces the weight of synthetic parts, enhancing current technologies. It includes inserting gasoline involving the layers of some of the vehicle’s parts, which then turns into foam. In this way, less synthetic and injection product is used, lightening the weight of the parts and at the same time reducing the carbon impact, manufacturing times and expenses.

Oryzite, alternatively, is an innovation pilot project on the basis of the circular economy that researches the usage of rice husks to displace plastic services and products, using the aim of reducing the carbon impact. Above 700 million tonnes of rice are harvested global every year. Twenty percent of the is rice husks, some 140 million tonnes which are mostly discarded. This brand new natural product is being tested within the linings of SEAT Leon. The tests consist in modelling some parts of the vehicle, including the back hatch lining, the dual load floor associated with boot or the roof headliner with rice husks mixed with polyurethanes and polypropylenes. At first glance they do not differ at all from those created using traditional technology, however they in fact weigh much less.

Data Driven I+D: real-time innovation

Data Driven I+D is a custom-made computer software and applications task that permits to incorporate all data created into the R&D area to the office on them immediately, as a result of the online information generated. Hence, this technology facilitates faster choice making centered on genuine data, which improves process effectiveness.

It involves a new way of working that uses the many benefits of cloud computing to obtain adaptive operability, according to a system of live alerts and notifications. This model is put on any task or area requiring technical information: Business Analytics, Data Governance, App Factory, company Performance, Organisation and Culture Transformation.

AVASim Tool: virtual truth for parts assembly

AVASim Tool is a very simple to utilize digital reality assembly simulator, which will be utilized in the look phase of automobile prototypes and which makes it feasible to detect problems inside installation of certain components. Hence, it shows whether collision points happen, and reacts toward forces of action and effect in a tactile manner. It enables information from the collisions to be exported to a study, aided by the purpose of analysing dilemmas in parts assembly at an early phase so that they can be solved before physical construction.

Moonkey and CUPRA, creations made reality

Moonkey is a design program that permits simulating images with a level of realism never ever seen before. Its capable of automating the creation of Computer Graphics movie and images making use of computer software manufactured by a team of SEAT coders and developers.

This powerful, state-of-the-art 3D creation platform has one of many industry’s best visuals machines and aids real-time and offline channelling. Moonkey had been recently employed by the company with regards to announced that the 100per cent electric el-Born model will likely to be launched under the CUPRA brand name, with a video that has been made totally using this technology. Furthermore, it gives an array of scenes, geometries and material libraries that allow the brand’s models to be immediately positioned and animated in a multitude of surroundings in just a couple of minutes.

As well, visitors to Innovation Day were additionally able to learn first-hand about a number of the latest features put on the CUPRA brand’s vehicles and principles: display displays that can be oriented towards motorist and passenger, also customised content for every one; specific speakers and connectivity; and fabric seats that utilize 3D perforations in interior to offer an even more sculptural character to the design, amongst others.

Innovation throughout the year with CHAIR INNOVA

Innovation Day had been also the forum to launch SEAT INNOVA, a networking and motivation platform that connects workers from different areas and reviews past jobs, while allowing involvement in challenges, workshops and talks concerning all areas regarding the business.


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