DB Cooper documentary that goes in information concerning the nights the hijacking and feasible suspects they believe could be the real DB Cooper. Do you guys think he existed or passed away the leap?

probably the most compelling theory I’ve heard is he never existed, and also the staff orchestrated it all. I don’t believe anyone except the team ever saw him, in which he refused to fulfill with negotiators himself if they landed, therefore other than the wrap and tobacco cigarette butts, there was no physical trace of him. He handed the trip attendant an email, but took it back later, so that it can’t be examined.

Maybe the staff put some or all cash completely, combined with parachutes, either to recover later or even toss them off the aroma. The crew passed it off as a mechanical issue to another individuals, therefore do not require will have explanation to look to their rear at that chair. Or there was a man here, and then he simply got down along with the rest regarding the individuals, we don’t know.

It just may seem like many logical explanation in my experience. All things are a little also convenient to prevent indeed there from being any solid research he had been previously here. And I’ve only observed one account from another passenger, speaking 48 years following the reality.

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