Daimler vehicles and Torc partner with Luminar allow automatic trucking – Daimler Trucks acquires minority stake in Luminar

Today, Luminar Technologies, Inc., the worldwide frontrunner in automotive lidar hardware and pc software technology, as well as the world’s biggest commercial vehicle maker, Daimler Truck AG, announced a strategic partnership allow highly automatic trucking, starting on highways. Professionals at Daimler Trucks, its U.S. subsidiary, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) and Torc Robotics, element of Daimler Trucks’ Autonomous tech Group, because of the professionals at Luminar are collaboratively pursuing a common objective of bringing series-produced extremely automated trucks (SAE degree 4) to roads globally. The teams will continue to work closely together to enhance lidar sensing, perception, and system-level performance for Daimler trucks going at highway rates. To bolster the partnership, Daimler Trucks has obtained a minority stake in Luminar.

Dr. Peter Vaughan Schmidt, Head of Autonomous tech Group at Daimler Trucks: “Luminar has pioneered a vital allowing technology for bringing automated vehicles towards road, and we’re excited to exert effort closely with them to operate a vehicle this technology ahead. Their company has proven visionary in its focus and unique capacity to allow long-range sensing and high-speed driving traveling. Our typical objective is always to allow safe deployment of extremely automatic vehicles and shape the continuing future of the trucking and logistics industry most importantly.”

The autonomous trucks are anticipated to yield dramatic improvements in effectiveness and safety of logistics, with an initial concentrate on long-haul routes on highways. This constrained application of autonomy enables the technology to be commercially implemented in series manufacturing on nearer term time frames in comparison to urban autonomous driving development.

“Our partnership with Daimler Trucks is spearheading another era of commercial transportation, taking the multi-trillion international trucking and logistics industry head-on,” stated Austin Russell, Luminar’s Founder and CEO. “The company situation for autonomous trucking is extremely strong, now is seeing initial OEM system to bring it towards the globe.“

Michael Fleming, CEO of Torc Robotics: “We are excited by the chance to utilize Luminar and their long-range, high res Lidar to boost vehicle security and enable us to commercialize self-driving vehicles. This Might Be a crucial, allowing technology on our development course.”

The partnership between Luminar and Daimler Trucks will expand beyond supplying critical automotive technology solutions. As an element of their joint commitment to security, the companies will also collaborate on security requirements and operating practices, and work out future policy advancements and safety enhancements as a consequence of the joint system.

SUPPLY: Daimler

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