DAF Trucks crowned ‘Irish Fleet Truck Brand 2021’

DAF Trucks is awarded ‘Irish Fleet Truck model of the Year 2021’ by Fleet Transport Magazine, the leading road haulage and commercial automobile magazine in Ireland. The recognition may be the result of a comprehensive selection of interviews with mixed fleet truck owners and operators.

The Fleet range of Many
“The title is a recognition that DAF Trucks could be the ‘The Fleet selection of Many’”, states Jarlath Sweeney, chief-editor of Fleet Transport Magazine. “With a consistent and increasing presence into the fleet portion, DAF Trucks provides a comprehensive selection of automobile combinations and designs towards the Irish fleet market.”

Exemplary performance
Jarlath Sweeney adds: “While motorists very praise the convenience of these DAF, fleet managers are drawn to DAF’s constant shoot for greatest transportation effectiveness. This consists of an extensive collection of fix & Maintenance offerings and exemplary aftermarket solution, which both receive high acclaim from transport businesses that operate blended brand name car fleets. DAF’s excellent service network is 24/7 available if road help becomes necessary.”

Additional value
“Awards like these are in line with the day-to-day experiences of transport operators. That provides this prize extra value”, says Richard Zink, DAF Trucks Director Marketing & Sales and person in the Board of Management. “Our goal is always to offer our clients the lowest cost of ownership, most readily useful dealer community and unmatched 24/7 road help along with highest quantities of driver convenience and security. I am proud to see all this reflected in this award.”


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