Car maintenance cost contrast Part 10: Budget hatchbacks

Holding on with our upkeep expense evaluations –Part 1 (premium and executive SUVs), component 2 (premium and executive Sedans),component 3 (mid-size SUVs), Part 4 (compact SUVs), Part 5 (mid-size sedans), component 6 (compact sedans), Part 7 (premium hatchbacks), component 8 (entry-level hatchbacks) and Part 9 (mid-range hatchbacks), we now shift concentrate to your many price-sensitive segments within the Indian market – the budget hatchbacks.

  • Maintenance costs determined over 60,000km
  • Budget hatchbacks maintenance expenses contrasted
  • Facets operating life including cost of parts and labour (ex-Delhi, inclusive of taxes)

Presently, this part is composed of just four cars, that will ben’t an indicator of too little interest or of market possible but of precisely how cost-competitive the portion has become, especially with all the more stringent safety norms, as well as the BS6 emission requirements now set up. Mass-market expert, Maruti Suzuki, has two offerings inside area – the Alto together with Spresso, both with a single motor available; while Hyundai has vacated this space with all the discontinuation for the Eon. Of course, as prior to, there are not any diesel engines found right here.

Budget hatchbacks upkeep expense comparison

  • All automobiles within part have actually a single 12 months or 10,000km solution period.
  • Both, the Renault Kwid and also the Datsun Redigo derive from exactly the same platform and share their machines plus some other parts. And both can be found with either a 0.8-litre or a 1.0-litre petrol engine.
  • When it comes to the Renault Kwid therefore the Datsun Redigo, whichever engine you select, be it the 0.8-litre and/or better 1.0-litre, the solution expenses remain constant.
  • Datsun costs a set Rs 2,089 as labour costs from 20,000km solution onwards, whereas Renault’s labour costs are an appartment Rs 2,006 through the 30,000km service onwards and Rs 2,065 for the 60,000km service.
  • Although pretty much at par, the overall upkeep costs for the Renault are a little more economical compared to Datsun.
  • The Maruti Alto is much more high priced to operate, versus its rivals. While price of many components is comparatively reduced, Maruti’s labour expenses range between Rs 2,313 and Rs 2,478 from the 20,000km service onwards, which can be somewhat higher than its competitors.
  • The Maruti Spresso’s maintenance costs are only an impression within the Alto’s. Its labour costs, like the Alto’s, have been in equivalent budget range, which is a little greater than the Datsun and Renault, chargeable through the 20,000km solution.

Did you discover this maintenance cost contrast helpful? Reveal what you think within the commentary part and remain tuned for lots more maintenance price contrast studies of other portions which are coming soon.

Budget Hatchbacks upkeep expenses (in Rupees)
Datsun Redigo Renault Kwid Maruti Alto Maruti S-Presso
Engine 0.8 P | 1.0 P 0.8 P | 1.0 P 0.8 P 1.0 P
Air Filter 190 190 174 260
Oil Filter 118 118 85 90
Fuel Filter 256 NA 292 NA
Washer Drain Plug NA 40 6 6
Spark Plug (for entire set) 381 381 315 330
Timing Belt/ Chain NA 215 NA NA
Fan Belt/ Drivebelt 215 206 NA NA
Coolant 884 1113 338 270
Engine Oil 858 845 1215 1305
Brake fluid 275 193 355 355
Pollen / HVAC filter NA 320 NA NA
Service Intervals 1 year or 10,000km 1 12 months or 10,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 12 months or 10,000km
1st Service expense (parts + labour) 1156 1193 1306 1401
2nd provider price (components + labour) 3245 1513 4335 4362
3rd Service Cost (parts + labour) 3626 3580 3725 3820
4th provider price (parts + labour) 3245 3519 5258 5094
5th Service Cost (components + labour) 3245 3199 3619 3713
6th provider price (components + labour) 3901 4152 4477 4504
Total expense 18418 17156 22720 22894
Maintenance cost per kilometer (up to 60,000km) 0.31 0.29 0.38 0.38

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