Canadian citizen, Giedre Vaskyte, disappeared Feb. 13 in the Maldives while vacationing with husband. She was allegedly 8 months pregnant. Her husband has put up a 100k award for info, claims she may have been kidnapped by pirates, authorities believe she drowned although family strongly disagrees.

I knew this woman. She was bright, kind and ambitious. She was super health focused and loved taking care of herself and her body, everyone has a hard time believing she’d willingly travel at 8 months pregnant let alone go off alone. I want to note that she shared a lot of her life on social media, yet there wasn’t anything about her pregnancy, which is why I said “allegedly” in the caption. Her and the husband weren’t married long and he has a rather suspicious past of drug charges and even a first degree murder charge. There seems to be little to no investigation into this, authorities found nothing in their search and are settling that she most likely drowned. The whole situation is very suspicious and no Canadian news outlets have covered the story, despite her being a Canadian citizen. It breaks my heart for Giedre and her family. She was really one of a kind and I can only hope for the best outcome possible.

I’m hoping sharing this here can bring some attention to her case. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read.

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