Burglar busted as a complete outcome of Cheeto dust on her behalf behalf teeth: cops

She wound up being caught orange-handed!

A female wound up being busted for house intrusion in Oklahoma — many thanks to “Cheeto dirt” inside the girl teeth, authorities allege.

Sharon Carr was at reality arrested on a burglary which first-degree after presumably committed the dangerously cheesy work Friday at a residence in Tulsa, authorities reported.

Cops state they attained home that night, through which a mom of two people that are young called 911 to report that an other woman had pried a display off the girl display and gotten inside.

The snack-loving sneak had already fled — but cops state they found “a instance of Cheetos and a bottle of water on to the floor near to the display screen that is available”

A few moments after ward, but Carr presumably emerged from shadows, authorities told news location KTUL.

Mom ID’d your ex partner due to the fact invader — with breasts completed up being further cemented if they discovered the incriminating snack-food that’s orange nevertheless stuck in her teeth, the socket reported.

Cops Think the bag ended up being dropped by the woman while making the lady escape.

“a reminder which good Cheeto dust could be pretty hard to expel,” Tusla authorities penned on Twitter.

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