Brendt Christiansen watches the vigil for the woman he murdered, Yingying Zhang. University of Illinois.

Absolute scumbag. There was a case in the UK about a girl who was murdered on her way home from the pub in the 80s. It was on Crimewatch which was a monthly show that reconstructed crimes where the police needed help. The girl was really lonely and would speak to anyone just to have some company. On her way to the pub she went past some green park type land (more like a common, I think it was called flats) and she was sure to not come back home that way because there had been some sexual assaults there in the dark. Anyway, they had the reconstruction on TV and one of the people that took part in the reconstruction was actually the murderer. I mean where do you get the balls?! To rape and murder someone and then act in the reconstruction to find the murderer!

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