Bizarre murders- event outta sight

I only caught the end of this bout of strange murders-outta sight. I happened to be trying to find out the real case of that storyline but no these types of luck. An artist is obsessed with a woman they called Susie, obviously so obsessed he can’t focus on their art. So he eliminates Susie. And then see which he really killed the woman sister. In the episode he is speaking with a detective he is like We killed Susie and also the detective states no you killed the woman sis, after that Susie walks through home and he felt surprised. Demonstrably he’s no unlawful mastermind but what chance. Confessing to a murder you believe you committed but in fact killed the incorrect person. I might just like to find the genuine tale if anyone knows the actual names, I tried to appear it by episode to find the genuine story but no luck with google. If anyone read this far, thanks ?

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