Bandits violent storm Brazilian city in lender heist, leave street littered with money

a greatly armed gang took over a southern Brazilian city in a single day — grabbing hostages, shooting a couple, robbing a bank and making a road littered with cash, relating to reports.

Approximately 30 hooded suspects descended onto the streets of Criciúma into the condition of Santa Catarina in 10 cars before midnight in a takeover that lasted around couple of hours, Globo News reported.

The town’s gran, Clésio Salvaro, told reporters the “bandits” had looted three or four sites — including a Bank of Brazil branch.

Several everyone was taken hostage and obligated to prevent streets to stymie the ensuing response from authorities, photographs through the outlet show. These were later introduced without damage, relating to Salvaro.

At the very least two people had been shot and wounded, including a police officer and a shield. The officer, who had been hit in chest, had been placed in stable condition, the socket reported.

Movie published to Twitter early Tuesday seems to show town roads plagued by cash — and residents scurrying to seize up to they may be able while laughing in amazement at their discover.

Salvaro warned Criciúma’s 217,000 residents late Monday to “stay at home,” informing them that city had been focused in a “major attack.”

“i’ve no clue in which they are from, but they are specialized,” Salvaro stated. “We have not skilled this into the reputation for the city.”

Four people who grabbed a few of the money left out — about $153,000 — had been arrested for theft, a Globo Information reporter tweeted early Tuesday. Cops also recovered another $57,000 that were spread regarding the streets, Globo Information reported.

The 10 cars used in the onslaught had been later on found in a cornfield on private property in neighboring Nova Veneza. The actual quantity of cash stolen through the heist hadn’t however already been determined since very early Tuesday, Globo News reported.

The state-run bank stated in a declaration it’ll stay shut, including that it does not provide information on amounts taken during an “attack on its premises,” the socket reported.

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